DIY Installation

Doing It Yourself is the best option! If you have the tools?

Here is a general list of tools and instructions on how to install a “pin mounted” sign.

micro-fiber towel, isopropyl alcohol, black gorilla tape (brick/concrete install) or masking tape (wood/siding install), hammer, marking pencil, center punch (nail setter), measuring tape, clear silicone, rotary hammer drill, sds 3/16 masonry bit or standard drill, 3/16 wood or general bit, gloves, mask, glasses, 2-4ft level, ladder.

*tip for drilling brick, concrete, block and stone. I strongly suggest using a Rotary Hammer Drill with 2 inch – 3/16″ Bosch SDS bit. Regular corded and cordless standard hammer drills are not as efficient and may increase the installation time. You can rent a rotary hammer drill for the day for around $50 dollars if you don’t own one. 


Step 1:

Unpack your letters, installation pattern and hardware.

Step 2:

Screw aluminum studs into each hole on the back of every letter. You can install flush or floating using the provided (optional) spacers. (wear protective gloves when handling aluminum)


Step 3:

Tape up the installation pattern level with brick, board or trim. Use level as needed. *All Installation patterns have center and level guide lines marked out.


Step 4:

Center Punch the drill hole pattern before drilling. This is the most important step! For brick and stone and uneven concrete blocks… hammer it a few times and make a nice 1/8″ deep starting point. If the drill bit slips the template will tear up. Keep a sharpie marker handy for complex surfaces. If the drill moves mark the hole if necessary. Relax and take your time!


Step 5:

Drill all the holes level and on center and the letters will fit perfectly. Clean out the holes the best you can.


Step 6:

Apply (optional) spacers and clear silicone to each stud before inserting into predrilled holes. Push at the stud locations only! Simply push the letters into holes evenly and slowly. Re-drill or clean out holes as necessary.


Step 7:

Clean any debris and or fingerprints off with micro-fiber towel and alcohol. Clean occasionally with soap and water.


Step 8:

Installing on a fence

If you do not want studs coming out of the back of your fence you can cut the studs down to 1/2″ long, and only drill 5/8″ into fence board. Apply tape to the drill bit at 1/2″ to 5/8″ depth.

Drill pattern .pdf downloads – available upon request.


-When you tape your template on brick, be aware of where the holes line up you want to avoid block edges. Especially periods and small letters. You may need to move the template a little.

-If your hole lines up with the bricks edge you can either take your time and drill it out, or remove the stud (if possible). You can only remove a stud if there are more than two on the number or group of letters. 

-Wood installation ream the holes a little larger if the fit is too tight. You could increase bit size to 13/64 or 7/32.

– Never force a fit. It should be tight, but don’t try to bend the acrylic to line up hole. Drill slightly bigger if necessary.

-If you have a descender like a “g” or”y” Center the sign on the capital letters not the entire sign footprint.

-Four stud lengths are available 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch. Spacers are all 1/4″ and are included. All hardware is 10/24 and aluminum.


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