Reception Signs

Reception Signs Milton

Reception Signs are something that everybody sees as they enter you place of business. Usually it’s your company logo and tagline  or mission statement placed on the wall behind the receptionist area.

Whether your reception sign is made from wood, acrylic, aluminum, vinyl, pvc, foam or even paper it sends a strong message to the customer. Its a message of security, professionalism, reliability and integrity. This message reinforces your companies commitment to quality, long lasting service.

Customers want to rely on companies that have a solid brand identity and a stake in the ground. Reception signs offer a deeper message than just displaying your logo, they follow through with your companies obligation to growth, development and trust. Which is conveyed to the consumer the minute they walk through your doors.

Sign Studio fabricates custom reception signs out of acrylic, aluminum, pvc, foam, wood, coroplast, steel or vinyl. We offer professional advice and will deliver the best reception sign we can, while meeting your companies needs.

We offer over 25 years of experience and place the project in the hands of sign makers that actually care about the end result of the sign they make.

Email us today for a quote and get your new reception sign tomorrow.