30 Year Warranty

Our 6mm acrylic is top end outdoor and will not crack, micro-crack, or deteriorate under any weather condition in North America. The manufacturer of this proprietary material backs it with a 30 Year warranty. Our signs and installation methods are permanent and will not rust or fail guaranteed.

This product comes with a 30 year warranty if properly installed. If the sign breaks during installation due to forcing and bending the sign warranty will not be valid. Sign must be installed for a period of time to qualify for warranty. We will replace and reship any defective letters or numbers that may crack or break for 30 years from the time of purchase. Replacement letters and numbers will have the same hole configuration and no drilling will be required. 

That’s 30 years of Canadian Outdoors!

*Tip: if you want your sign to look LIKE NEW for 30 years, keep it clean!

Ontario - Canada


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