DIY | Commercial Grade ADDRESS NUMBERS on ez-align GRID pattern.

Rust free, blind hardware, modern floating stand-off ADDRESS NUMBERS on ez-align GRID pattern for precision installation both horizontal and vertical. 30 year warranty



Shop PRE-CUT modern NUMBERS on ez-align GRID pattern

Simple Do-It-Yourself Instructions

30 year warranty | Aluminum hardware


matte white acrylic | matte black acrylic | gloss white acrylic | gloss black acrylic 

 Floating | Modern | Address sign numbers for homes.



We design and manufacture high quality address signs for homes. Our modern floating address signs have really taken off and people all over are updating their curb appeal. Whether you are shopping residential address numbers or a written word sign, Sign Studio has what your home needs. A fresh new Address Number Sign. Our outdoor material is UV resistant, all weather, polished and beautiful in gloss or matte.

The new trend to update the old school “Home Depot 6 inch metal number” and stock address plaques, is happening. People want to see something larger, unique and classy every day they come home to their newly renovated home. Something that compliments the houses’ design.


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